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Personal Loans

Our Personal Loans Range from $7,000 to $300,000

Are you in need of a personal loan? Maybe you want to do debt consolidation or make some improvements around your home. Perhaps you have been working really hard and you just need some extra money to take some time off work and get away on that long awaited vacation.

Whatever you financial needs are if you need a loan Cash Loans Funding is here to help. With our personal loans starting from $7,000 to $300,000 we can get you to the place that you want to be. We have been supply personal loans for several years and we offer great rates on borrowing. We work with a variety of lenders which offers us great savings and we pass the savings onto our customers.


1. The minimum time for repayment is 2 years and the maximum time for repayment is 10 years. For example on a ($10k 7% for 2 Years monthly payment at $447.73). The maximum period for repayment on a ($100K 7% for 10 Years monthly payment is $1,161.08).

2. 14% is the maximum (APR) and there are no other fees associated other the the cost of borrowing. "No Upfront fees"

3. Example ( $10k at 7% monthly payment of $447.73 for 2 years total interest paid is ($745.42)

4. We don't do short term loans only (Term Loans) 2 years or more, not (60 days or less)