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Debt Consolidation

Bad Debt Consolidation Loans

If you fit in the category of high interest rate debt like credit cards, loans borrowed and many more, then you came to the right place to get a bad credit personal loan.

What is a debt consolidation loan?

Debt consolidation is just a simple way of organizing a bunch of debts as though it appears as one monthly payment instead of it scattered around. However you can get consolidation load depending if your bank or financial institute approves the loan. Debt consolidation comes in two types of loans one is secured loan while the other is unsecured loan. The benefit of bad credit debt consolidation loan is that you pay it all as one payment.

What benefits do I get from an unsecured debt consolidation loan?

Unsecured debt consolidation loan includes many benefits such as low interest rate (which will charge you less than your credit cards), credit score (you get a reward which adds up every time you pay off the debts), reduce stress(pay all your payments as one debt loan, instead of worrying about different payments at different timings) and many other benefits.


1. The minimum time for repayment is 2 years and the maximum time for repayment is 10 years. For example on a ($10k 7% for 2 Years monthly payment at $447.73). The maximum period for repayment on a ($100K 7% for 10 Years monthly payment is $1,161.08).

2. 14% is the maximum (APR) and there are no other fees associated other the the cost of borrowing. "No Upfront fees"

3. Example ( $10k at 7% monthly payment of $447.73 for 2 years total interest paid is ($745.42)

4. We don't do short term loans only (Term Loans) 2 years or more, not (60 days or less)