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About Us

At Cash Loans Funding, we provide a solution for both lenders' frustrations and consumers concerns by creating a "Trusted Marketplace" where lenders agree to a set of ethical business practices and borrowers are educated about what to expect during the loan process.

We offer customers the best loan products that are fitted perfectly to their individual situations, and provides a broad array of value-added services.

The company's success has been a result of providing customers access to all essential services related to the loan application process, flexible loan structuring alternatives, and a professional working environment that attracts productive loan officers.

As our newest client, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired outcome. With a broad client base throughout the U.S. we are able to use all available resources to help you obtain your financial goals. This enables us to service clients with many distinct goals and needs. If at any time we do not live up to our commitment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your satisfaction is our main concern. We appreciate your business and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


Jennifer Hayden - Houston Texas
Getting a loan these days is like "Jumping over hurdles". However, when dealing with Cash Loans Funding, found my experience to be "fast easy and professional. I don't know what I would do without Cash Loans Funding.

Aaron Cunningham - Charlottes North Carolina
At first I was apprehensive about going online to get a loan, but my experience was awesome when I found the search engine for Cash Loans Funding and decided to give them a try. Cash Loans Funding was very welcoming and they where happy to answer all my questions. They did what ever it took to make me comfortable and at ease.

Genie Williams - Green Bay Wisconsin
I was so tired of the lies and the run around with other companies when I was looking for a debt consolidation loan to pay off all my bills so I could just have one convenient monthly payment per month. After speaking to one of the Cash Loans Funding Representatives, my mind was at ease and it was good to know that they do all types of loans. I knew Cash Loans Funding was the right company to contact it was a blessing.

Frank White - Albany New York
Wow, what a relief to know that there are real companies out there like Cash Loans Funding that will listen and put there customers first. I had family emergency and I found cash Loans Funding online, and they listened and was able to help me with in 24 hours to get to a personal loan with some great rates.

Laura McDowell - Sarasota Florida
I would definitely use Cash Loans Funding again and refer other people to use there services. I got my loan just hours after speaking to a loan consultant and sending my ID for verification. there rates where fair, consistent and very competitive. I would for sure use them again and tell my family and friends about them.


1. The minimum time for repayment is 2 years and the maximum time for repayment is 10 years. For example on a ($10k 7% for 2 Years monthly payment at $447.73). The maximum period for repayment on a ($100K 7% for 10 Years monthly payment is $1,161.08).

2. 14% is the maximum (APR) and there are no other fees associated other the the cost of borrowing. "No Upfront fees"

3. Example ( $10k at 7% monthly payment of $447.73 for 2 years total interest paid is ($745.42)

4. We don't do short term loans only (Term Loans) 2 years or more, not (60 days or less)